Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Idaho & El Paso

We were fortunate enough to see our families for Christmas this year. Before we left for Idaho, El Paso received some snow flurries for a few hours, but nothing stuck. Drew freaked with excitement and shrieked, "Is it Christmas, Mom?" The snowflakes are difficult to see, but they're there.

Compare that to our Christmas in Idaho!

The snow level was incredible. One day we couldn't even drive into the driveway, but I was happy my kids got their wish of a white Christmas.

Before we left for Idaho, we enjoyed our own Christmas. It was so fun to see the kids race down the stairs and run into the family room. Since they're older this year, they understood the holiday more and awaited everything with greater anticipation. The highlight was probably the new basketball hoop--an added bonus for Ryan because he had just as much fun as the boys (now I understand why he pushed for it). After lots of goodies and playing, the boys settled down and Ryan read them the books they received. Nothing beats those episodes of family time and togethernes. They are just invaluable to me, and I treasure those moments. The kids eventually migrated upstairs to play and Ryan fell asleep on the couch with the baby.

Running downstairs and opening stockings.

Score! Books and construction equipment.

Shooting hoops... nice follow-through, Matt!

Relaxing with Dad.

Then it was off to Idaho to see family. One highlight was the nativity and gingerbread house display at the Museum of Idaho. Upstairs was a hands-on area for kids where they dressed up in mountain-man garb, explored the wilderness and rode on "horses."

Before we knew it, Christmas Day had arrived. Can you believe their gigantic tree? You wouldn't know it from the pictures, but we were wrought with sickness (what trip would be complete w/o hardship?) One night Ryan and I cleaned up Matt & stripped his bed three times because he kept vomiting. Drew did his part by throwing up and having severe diarrhea along with Matt all the way home--33 hours on the road! It took what felt like forever to clean the car, luggage (spewed on), car seats (also soaked with biohazards), not to mention the mountains of laundry, all while attending sick kids, fussy baby, and new and exciting piles of vomit and diarrhea in the house (lovely).

Christmas Eve in front of the tree.

Opening presents... too much fun!

What a big day!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brady is 2 Months Old

Time is already flying too fast.
He's getting close to smiling.
I could snuggle and kiss him all day.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


While we were leaving the play area at the mall the other day, we spotted Santa in the Food Court sitting at a table. Kids were coming up to him and sitting on his lap, so we ventured over to see him. Drew was giddy and excited to talk to Santa. Matt, on the other hand, protested immediately and stubbornly refused to take part in the fun. After Drew took his turn, I tried yet again to convince Matt this was a fun thing, and that he should thank his lucky stars for a mom who shows him such a good time, darn it... j/k. But he just kept screaming, "I'm too scared! I'm too scared!" Apparently, Santa is only jolly when encased in a protective barrier; i.e. cardboard cutout, billboard, ornament, or TV screen. As a last resort, I tried aiming my camera at an angle that included both Matt and Santa to have some semblance of a photo op. And in the future if he ever accuses me of leaving him out of the photo, I can show him what my best efforts yielded--a scowling Matt at a good distance from his new enemy. Ironically, now he asks to see Santa every day. By the way, is this not the best mall-Santa you've ever seen?

Drew sharing his age... Posing happily...
Then there's Matt, "I refuse to give you the satisfaction of a smile."

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Pajamas

The kids just couldn't wait to wear their new pajamas.
It didn't take much to get them to sit in front of the tree and smile.
I love to see their affection for the baby.
We wish you a Christmas filled with the best feelings of the season!

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