Sunday, October 14, 2012

Still alive -- now in Kaysville UT

This blog has been completely inactive for nearly three years.  Kind of pathetic, but here's a brief update -- if nothing else for recordkeeping sake. 

We are renting a house in east Kaysville.  Neither of us has ever lived in Utah--unless you count Brenda's childbirth and very early years in Orem and my two-month stint in the Provo Missionary Training Center.  We seem to be blending in with the culture reasonably well since we both primarily originate from southeast Idaho -- considered as a cultural extension of Utah. 

Ty (12) has started seventh grade at Diamond Fork Junior High School in Spanish Fork.  Drew (7) and Matt (6) entered 2nd and 1st grade, respectively, at Columbia Elementary School in Kaysville.  Brady will turn four tomorrow, and he attends preschool twice weekly at Columbia Elementary. 

Brenda is in her final semester to earn her credentials as a certified medical coder.  She studies online with Montana State University.  For the past two years she has carried loads of 16-20 credits/semester.  While quantitatively heavy, she has also performed with superior quality making the dean's list each semester. 

I finished my Ob/Gyn residency and the written boards in June 2012 after spending four years at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in El Paso, TX. I am employed by Tanner Clinic, and my office is west of Layton in Syracuse. I began work on September 4 after a delayed credentialing process.  If you have any friends in the Syracuse and surrounding areas, please encourage conception -- in the most tactful manner possible, of course. 

Halloween is around the corner, and we look forward to it each year.  We are anticipating a Harry Potter family theme.  We will try to post pictures of the festivities -- hopefully before the next triannual blog post.   

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