Sunday, July 6, 2008

First Ice Cream Cone

The kids must be adjusting to the area, because the park has returned as a much-loved activity. I think part of the struggle had to do with the novelty of walking on sand. At first they seemed scared of the surface's instability, but our trip to White Sands kind of initiated them, and now they don't give it a second thought. Last week after a particularly fun morning at the park, feeling relieved that life and regained some sort of normalcy, I happened to be driving by a McDonald's and saw the sign for 59-cent ice cream cones. Usually I avoid fast food, but I was in the mood to celebrate and made a split-second decision to pull in. This was to be their first cone, so I was a little concerned about a mess, but I felt like, "What the heck? What's a childhood w/o ice cream cones?" As we went through the drive-through and handed out the treats Drew asked, "What's that?" I answered and in unison they both replied, "Oh!" like they were in for some fun. As they tested the water and then became more immersed into the experience with the occasional "Mmm" filling the air, I noticed Drew was more concerned with keeping clean. Matt just plunged face-in and wasn't fazed by the melted mess dripping down his arms and chin. Then I received a phone call from my sister and got absorbed in a story. I should have continued to monitor things closer, because after the call I turned around to see Matt's hand squeezing the soggy cone bottom with all his might while the ice cream dripped out like water. This must prove I'm learning to relax, because my scream didn't shatter the windows. I just took a picture and retained the fun mood in the car. Sweet!

"What is this fabulous concoction?""I've died and gone to heaven.""Thanks Mom, this is fun!""Hmm, what happens if I... ""... Awesome! I can make ice cream flow like water!"

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