Thursday, September 18, 2008

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

It's interesting how different men and women are. I think we tend to read much more into things (for better or worse) than our male counterparts. Case in point, Ryan really ticked off a female nurse this week. As he started telling me this story, I was thinking, "My gosh, what did you do? Yell at her? Slam her with a sarcastic put down? Mock her as she walked away?" No, he made the fatal mistake of commenting that she looked like America Fererra. Now Ryan thinks America Fererra is a cute girl. He doesn't think of her as "larger" or "plus size" the way she could be viewed, especially by Hollywood standards. He sincerely meant it as a compliment. But as his shift went on and he continued to receive vibes of seething hatred from this much-offended nurse, she finally felt the need to inform Ryan, "She (America Fererra) is a fat @#*!" Well, alrighty then! I think there's much less of a chance that a male would've reacted the same way. Could you imagine a guy responding to someone saying, "Hey, you look a lot like Jon Travolta," by snapping back, "Jerk, are you saying I have love handles?" That said, I feel sorry for Ryan. I can tell he felt really bad for offending this person.


Jessie James and the Outlaws said...

I hope that things are going well. I need to catch up again soon. Keep up the good work.

eRiCa said...

Oh man that's not fun! I think America Ferrera looks good, but I can see how she could be offended if in her mind she was picturing Ugly Betty...poor Ryan.

Hope you're doing well. I enjoy your writing.

Sarah C said...

Poor Ryan. I know he would never hurt anyone's feelings on purpose. He is a really nice guy. Girl's are too sensitive. (I know, I am a girl, and I am really sensitive.)

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