Saturday, October 25, 2008

Introducing: "Uh-Oh!" Brady Thomas Miller

Over the past week Brenda and I have engaged in several heartfelt conversations regarding the naming of the baby. It almost felt like we were in the courtroom, each of us pleading our case to the other. Then something happened, something that made me defenseless. She pulled out the ultimate secret weapon--a weapon that only women seem to possess--a weapon more powerful than logic--a weapon no man has an answer for. She cried... OK, so she cried after I gave the green light on Brady, but just the same it was all over for me--case closed, nail in the coffin, final buzzer, end of story, checkered flag, game over, gavel down, judgment to Brenda. "Ryan, you are hereby sentenced to consume SpaghettiOs for the rest of your life."

Okay, so it's not a bad name. Brady is already growing on me. And above all, we are blessed to have a healthy, "spirited" baby.

Thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers, and naming guidance.


Kari said...

He looks sooooo cute! Congrats on finally figuring out a name. You did good!

Jessie James and the Outlaws said...

Can i say it now? I KNEW it. I could have told you two weeks ago. I love you both!

R and D Ginkel said...

I'm happy that you finally chose a name! We can't wait to meet Brady!!! Congrats!

Ed & Natasha said...

That's the cutest bundle of spaghettios I've ever seen - he looks so much bigger every picture. I'm thinkin forget little z for the nickname and stick with spaghettios. I bet you could tell him honestly it's our new favorite dish ;o).

Kyjah and Brandon said...

Brady - I like it. Think Tom Brady, The Brady Bunch, Kyle Brady (of Penn State fame).

Congratulations! I am glad to hear that Brady and Brenda are both doing well. Hope you enjoy your paternity leave. Talk to you later.

Brandon, Kyjah, Owen and Norah

Jenny said...

Congratulations Ryan and Brenda!!! I love your blog!!! It is so good to know a little bit of your lives since we are so far away! Love you!

Sarah C said...

Congratulations! Brady is so cute.

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