Saturday, October 4, 2008

Free Weights a Great Purchase

Instead of obtaining a gym membership after moving to El Paso, it seemed like purchasing a weight set would eventually pay for itself and allow me to spend more time at home. Furthermore, the daunting idea of driving to the gym--albeit a short distance--is often enough to dissuade me from working out that day altogether. It's a much less demanding challenge to simply walk upstairs and begin a workout. Having the weight bench has definitely increased my workout frequency. As the picture below demonstrates, I think you will agree with me that the decision has proven successful.

Here's to Joseph.


eRiCa said...

AWESOME! hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME! Joseph is going to LOVE me even more now that someone else posted this beauty of a picture. He hated it the first time around. O-well! That is SO funny and you guys rock!! Your workout is paying off Ryan... =)

Anonymous said...

This is Joseph

Ok Ryan.........I think that that is some copyright infringement. You know, I was hoping that that picture would be forgotten. Thank you for bringing it up again. Not sure if I should be flattered, or embarrassed.

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